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 Orian Academy

Orian Academy is an intensive six-week training program designed to equip a manager or supervisor with essential tools necessary for success in a leadership role.  Employers can expect to see the following benefits from Orian Academy graduates:

Supervisors will

  • become role-models of professional demeanor and solid ethical behavior
  • learn how to be more efficient and productive
  • recognize and foster what motivates each employee
  • contribute towards improved employee morale, which in turn increases productivity and decreases turnover
  • invest in the development of those they oversee
  • gain confidence in their ability to conduct regular performance appraisals and provide routine feedback to each employee
  • become equipped to handle the occasional need for corrective action; they will not shy away from dealing with problem employees
  • receive training on how to resolve conflict among their employees; they will be given the tools to defuse anger & become a mediator for effective communication

Success or failure of any organization depends largely on the training and equipping of its leaders.

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Here’s what one of our graduates had to say:

“Orian Academy was an enlightening experience for me. The knowledge I gained was practical for my day to day activities. I appreciated the professionalism, and would recommend Orian Academy to anyone who wants to be a better supervisor!” –Jose Garcia, GR Spring & Stamping


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