Talk Smarter to Accomplish More

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Those who struggle with time management may be tempted to think that the solution lies in working faster. Higher productivity means more time left at the end of the day: time management problem solved! However, you may be doing yourself a disservice if you’re working so fast that you end up needing to do the same job twice.


Take for example, communication. Imagine you are attempting to assign a new project to your team. The project is somewhat time-sensitive, Speech bubble 2and you are feeling under the wire. You may be tempted to save some valuable time be breezing through the communication in the initial stages. After all, we need to get to work. However, lack of communication and/or miscommunication is likely to cause problems and delays along the way which is counterproductive and wastes time. Don’t swing your pendulum too far to the other side. Over-communication is cumbersome and unnecessary. Don’t feel the need to foresee every possible obstacle and address it upfront. Expect to communicate with your team along the way and tackle unforeseen complications should they arise.


So if you’re someone who is trying to pinpoint time-wasters in your schedule, take a look at your communication style. Are you under or over communicative? By making small changes in your communication style, you may see significant improvements in your ability to manage your time.


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  1. I specislize in communication in my work as a minister and I very much agree with you.


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