This is a five-part series which outlines five ways to become your boss’ favorite employee. This is further commentary on our original article which you can read here.Options for a Solution


The second way to be your boss’ favorite employee is to bring a solution. This means that, when you encounter a problem, try to do some proactive problem-solving before bringing the problem to the attention of your boss. Don’t just dump a problem on the boss’ desk and walk away. Take ownership of the situation and makes plans for its resolution. When you approach your boss, first explain the situation and then explain what you suggest doing towards resolving the problem.


Example: Mary, I have an irate customer at my table. We made a mistake on their order – they have a bleu cheese allergy and we forgot to leave the bleu cheese off their salad. I have apologized to them and assured them that we will make this right. I have the kitchen re-making the salad and I would like your permission to offer them free dessert.


Want to be your boss’ favorite employee? Always remember to bring a solution.




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